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Hey there! My name's Erica. I'm seventeen. I'm in love with Laurence Olivier. Oh yes. *sigh* too bad he's dead.

Anyway! Now that summer's here, I've got some more free time, so I might actually post! (I don't usually post in communities, but I'll try)

What is your favorite Olivier movie?

So far I've seen Wuthering Heights, Hamlet (!!!), Pride and Prejudice, and the 49th Parallel. Sadly, I think that's it. I've also read a book he wrote called On Acting, and frankly, it made me love him more. He was a pretty awesome fellow. When I get it back I'll type you out some quotes if you want, right now my friend-also a fan-has borrowed it.

Oh! Let me tell you about the 49th Parallel, because as far as I can tell, it's not very well known (but what do I know? For all I know it's wildly famous and I am just making myself sound like an idiot. But I do that anyway, so, um, yeah. Moving on.). I happened across it one day on TCM, saw the name "Laurence Olivier" and had to watch it. It's a propaganda film made by the British during WWII. It was pretty interesting, although Olivier was only in it for a little bit, but get this! He plays a French Canadian trapper. Yes, that's right, complete with boots and plaid shirt and everything. I kept on expecting him to break into Monty Python's lumberjack song. He didn't (obviously) but, he got pretty close. He winks at a German soldier, and licks his lips, it's wonderously hilarious. In all the other roles I've seen him in, he's pretty serious, but in this he's rambunctious and leaps around singing french songs. I kid you not.

(Also, the first time you see him, he's taking a bath *ahem*)

So yeah, I'd recommend watching it just for him. After he leaves it's kinda boring, but I was also really tired when I was watching it so that might be why.

Anyway. Glad to see there are more Olivier fans out there. Goodbye.
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